Looking for moving company Budapest?

Moving is an extremely tedious, nervous process for most people. Therefore, good organization and selection of the right moving comany is very important. First and foremost, let’s take a close look at the moving service market. Let’s take a look at the references, the range of services, and find out if we’re really dealing with a fair and reliable moving company Budapest.

Some reasons, why customers like Us:

  • Trusted moving company working continously more than 15years
  • Great experience and references in furniture moving: Official home delivery of JYSK furnitures since first shop opened in Hungary
  • Full time working, skilled and polite colleauges
  • We work with high capacity and  modern trucks: There is no chance, that we cancel Your arranged moving date
  • No hidden fees: We work with fix, pre arranged prices.
  • We have cargo insurance: We take full responsibility for our work


Economy moving

Recommended for 1-2 furniture, boxes


  • 1 truck
  • 1 workers
  • Furniture assembly, packing


Basic movers service

Recommended for one and a half room


  • 1 truck
  • 2 workers
  • Furniture assembly, packing

12.000 Ft/hour

Standard relocation

Recommended for medium-sized flats


  • 1 truck
  • 3 workers
  • Furniture assembly, packing

16.000 Ft/hour

Minimum counted of two working hours and 1 hour base free.

The base fee within Budapest is the same as the current hourly fee

Movers Budapest and Hungary:

Our staff has many years of professional experience. Our moving company Budapest located, however we do moving inland of Hungary. We can provide a large number of loaders, in conclusion we are able to complete a given job in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, our modern, reliable trucks have all the equipment needed to do the job. Their cargo space is clean and tidy, so you can entrust your values ​​to us. If required, we provide packaging material as well as cardboard boxes or platic boxes for long term use to protect your values.  Above all, we have cargo insurance.

Some furniture may need to be disassembled for relocation ort they can’t be moved. For this job, we have qualified carpentry colleagues, as a result disassemble and assemble of your furnitures will be completed in a short time with the right tools. We have a lot of experience in transporting heavy items, hence antique furniture is not a problem for us either.

In addition to moving service, we provide the following services:

  • Disassembling and assembling furnitures
  • Packaging of furniture and other objects purchase of boxes for relocation
  • Connection and mooring of household appliances (washing machine, dryer, dishwasher). 
  • Transport of heavy industrial machines and safe moving, as a result, there is no need to call separate suppliers to move them.

We work according to pre-arranged fees, so we have no hidden costs. Meanwhile, ff necessary, we will conduct a free survey so we can provide a more accurate price.

Tips, when You hire movers Budapest:

  • Be ready to move by the agreed time. Finish the packing/boxing Your items. In short, saves energy and money if you don’t leave the wrap until the movers have already started the moving.
  • Reserve a parking space as close to the entrance as possible. As a result, it also saves time and money if our colleagues don’t have to walk a long distance with Your values. For instance You can reserve parking place with Your car, trash can or pallet.
  • If possible, unpack from cabinets and furniture. Put your fragile items in separate boxes, label them, however it will be easyer, when You unpack in Your new home. Heavy things in smaller, while light things in bigger boxes. Do not overload boxes, because they will open when the movers carry them.
  • Label. Mark more fragile packages, more crumbling furniture. In case of several rooms or many pieces of furniture, therefore it is worth marking these so that our colleagues can take them to the right place.

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