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About Our company. Our company Color Teher Kft. has a history of more than 30 years. We were founded in 1988 under the name Colortrans Small Cooperative. After the change of regime we were transformed into Colortrans Kft. Our main activity was the distribution and transportation of safes. Until it’s dissolution, we distributed and shipped the safes one of the most well-known hungarian manufacturers, the Toldi iron cooperative. We have transported the safes of many banks, public institutions, jewelers, and individuals over the years. At the same time, besides transporting and moving heavy objects, our other main field of activity is to perform the freight transport tasks of enterprises.

In 2008, after cleaning our profile, we continued our transportation business as Color Teher Kft., Retaining the “trademark” Color prefix. Printing companies, electronics store, DIY store, medical aids / machinery company, furniture store chain with 80 stores in Hungary have chosen us for their transportation tasks. In addition, we aim to provide a professional transport service to individuals. If our company is a success, we hope to welcome you and your business soon.

Color Teher Kft.
1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 38.
Registration number: 01-09-908037

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