Heavy equipment moving

Heavy Equipment Moving, from safe moving to heavy machinery

We can talk about heavy equipment moving if weighing is more than 100 kg, but in some cases the difficulty is not specifically the weight. This could be an oversized or sensitive object. Always entrust the task of heavy duty delivery to a professional, because there is a high risk of personal injury and material damage!

Some of the reasons why our customers chose us:

We have several decades of professional experience in heavy duty delivery and serious references.

Our employees are full time working, polite professionals with moral certificates.

We have full cargo insurance

We work with pre fixed, correct prices

Transporting overweight objects and moving heavy furniture with decades of experience

Our company has been dealing with heavy equipment moving for several decades. We have all the special equipment needed to move heavy objects, such as straps, transport carts, lifting devices, etc. We pay special attention to the integrity of the floors, coverings and stairs, and protect the transport route inside the building with wooden boards and felt carpets. Our colleagues who do heavy duty delivery, have excellent physique and min. They have 5 years of experience.

We work with tail lift truck, if necessary with a KCR crane.

We have expertise in moving these heavy objects:

  • Safe moving
  • Heavy machinery
  • Medical equipment (ULT fridge, centrifuge, analyzer etc…)
  • Piano/pianino
  • Exercise machine (treadmill, weight machines)
  • Hot Tub
  • Heavy furniture (antiqu, modern design, etc…)
  • Industrial printer, coffee machine, all other machines with office moving

Safe moving from 100kg to 3 tonns:

Our company has been dealing with the delivery of safes since its establishment. We were founded in 1988 as a small cooperative. Over the years, countless jewelers, financial institutions, and public institutions have chosen us to transport and move their heavy safes. We are currently in partnership with several security companies and safe distributors.

Some examples of our references who entrusted us with the heavy duty delivery of their safes:

  • HM Arzenál Zrt.
  • Kúria (legfelsőbb bíróság)
  • AUDI Hungaria Iskolaközpont Győr
  • Embassy of Germany
  • Embassy of the State of Qatar
  • Stand-by police
  • Pioneer Stillking
  • Euro-Tresor Kft.
  • JYSK Magyarország
  • Parfümerie Douglas Kft. 

Moving heavy furniture – Antique and modern design furniture

Next to our normal moving service, we offer heavy furniture moving also. Such overweight furniture is usually antique pieces made of solid wood, which cannot be disassembled. In the majority of cases, the difficulty is mainly the movement inside the house, especially if you have to move between floors on stairs. In such cases, the coordinated work of several people and special equipment is required. We place serious emphasis on the protective packaging of the items to be delivered, with edge protectors, as well as on protecting the condition of the apartment.

Jacuzzi delivery, hot tub moving on-site.

In most cases, the distributor of the jacuzzi only undertakes delivery on pallets to the garden gate, so the delivery of the jacuzzi usually only means on-site movement. With extensive professional experience and references, our company undertakes to move your jacuzzi to its destination without damage. If the path leads through the garden on soft ground, we create a suitable route with floors. We build a stand for level differences, and we protect the covering of the terrace and the integrity of the stairs with wooden boards.

We will need the following information for a quotation for moving a Jacuzzi:

  • Exact type of Jacuzzi
  • Photos of the road leading from the garden gate to the final location of the jacuzzi (in case of more complicated terrain, we recommend a free on-site survey)

The first steps of heavy equipment moving:

First and most important parameters: All dimensions of the given object must be known. Measure its height, width and depth. More complex shapes will require more sizes. If we don’t know its exact weight, try to identify it using the Google search engine. If you are not sure about the weight, we are happy to help. You can get very close with a guess.

Planning: We walk the path leading to the object’s final location and take measurements. Measure the width, height, turns, etc. of the doors… If this route is more complicated (stairs, narrow turns, uneven ground…) we definitely recommend a personal survey or taking more detailed photos of the given section.

Finding a specialist: In any case, entrust the task to someone who has the references, tools, and specialists for heavy duty delivery. It is an experience that everyone can move a heavy object until it needs to be moved. Let’s look at the website of the given company, look up the company. Once we have decided who we want to have the work done, in order to get an accurate quote, we should send all the details to the contractor. An extra flight of stairs or a narrow turn that we forget to mention can even result in the failure of the work.

Preparations: Make the route of the subject clear by the appointed time. If, for example, the road leads through the apartment, hang the pictures from the wall, roll up the carpets, and put the decorations aside. It is definitely worth locking up a dog or cat during work