Office removals Budapest

Office moving with extensive professional experience and references

Our company has been dealing with freight transport, furniture delivery and office moving for several decades. Over the years, many businesses have entrusted us with moving their offices, stores, or archives. We are proud of the fact that our customers, who have chosen us once, have subsequently entrusted us with their other delivery tasks.

Some reasons, why customers choose us for their office moving:

  • Trusted moving company working continously more than 15years
  • Great experience and references in furniture moving: Official home delivery of JYSK furnitures since first shop opened in Hungary, 50+delivery/day
  • Full time working, skilled and polite colleauges
  • We work with high capacity and  modern trucks: There is no chance, that we cancel Your arranged moving date
  • No hidden fees: We work with fix, pre arranged prices.
  • We have cargo insurance: We take full responsibility for our work

Some examples from our references:

  • Budapesti Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara (BKIK)
  • JYSK Magyarország
  • Budapesti Honvéd Sportegyesület
  • Pátria Nyomda Zrt
  • Reálszisztéma Zrt
  • Petchef Hungary Kft
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Office relocation personalized to your business

Office relocation takes place in the life of most businesses. Whether the office needs to be moved due to expansion or a change of location, in such cases it is important that this process takes place in the shortest possible time without any interruptions.

Our employees have many years of professional experience. We can provide a large number of loaders, so we are able to complete the work in the shortest possible time. Our modern, reliable trucks are equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform the given job. Their warehouse is clean and tidy, and we provide packaging material and cardboard boxes to protect your valuables if needed. If necessary, we also undertake overnight removals.

One of the main activities of our company is transportation to Budapest and its catchment area. We offer complete transport solutions personalized to your needs for delivering your company’s products to customers, whether it is collective transport or individual transport of overweight items.

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Safe, copier, rack cabinet, etc…

During the relocation of businesses, there are often overweight, difficult-to-move objects that are an integral part of an office. One of our company’s main areas of expertise is the heavy equipment moving, so for example, you don’t need to call a separate contractor to transport a safe, we will handle it without any problems. We regularly deliver medical devices and move laboratories, which means we have extensive professional experience in moving heavy, sensitive equipment.

If your business has photocopiers, safes, or other objects that are difficult to move, our company will also undertake the delivery of these separately. For an exact quote, we need the weight and dimensions of the item to be delivered (possibly a photo), as well as a description of the two locations.

Steps of office relocation:

Planning is first and foremost. In the case of a private person moving, a few unexpected difficulties should not cause you serious problems, however, in the case of a business, such unexpected situations mean a serious expense and loss of time.

In any case, entrust the relocation of your business to a contractor who has the references, technical and human resources to carry out the task.

Select the date. Plan when you want to move your office. It is worth booking an appointment as soon as possible. Our employee will be able to tell you roughly how much time it will take to move an office of a given size.

Arrange your new office! Plan how you want to place your old office furniture. Select which ones you no longer wish to transfer to the new location. Be sure to measure that they actually fit and that they can be brought in through the door.

Packing: Decide if you or your colleagues will pack and box your office accessories and contents, or if you want us to do the job for you. We undertake the relocation of complete archives with strict adherence to sequence.