Our company has been using a full range of freight transport services to companies for decades. Our partners include small and medium-sized entrepreneurs as well as large companies. Our goal is to build a lasting partnership. In all cases, we strive for the best price, ensuring that you trust us to deliver your goods the next time.

Printing companies, electronics stores, DIY stores, companies selling medical aids / machines, furniture store chains with 80 stores in Hungary, safe distributor, used safe dealers have chosen us permanently to perform their delivery tasks.

Thanks to our diverse fleet of vehicles, we can deliver any shipment to the desired location within the specified time. Thanks to our large capacity, it is not a problem to solve urgent, unexpected tasks. Our fleet consists of modern, reliable vehicles with a uniform appearance. Their cargo space is clean and tidy. Our driver colleagues, our loaders are all our permanent employees. Their appearance is clear, cultured.

Freight service with qualified colleagues.

We have a permanent dispatch service. You or your partner can request information about the current status of your shipment or its planned destination at any time. And our qualified transport organizer will find the most optimal solution for the delivery of your goods. Our colleagues have a great local knowledge, in each case their goal is to find the shortest route. Thus, in addition to cost-effectiveness, environmental protection also comes to the fore. In addition to delivering your cargo to the shortest destination, we pay special attention to ensuring that your products arrive at their destination without damage. In addition to freight transport, our main area of ​​expertise is heavy equipment moving. As a result, we have extensive experience in transporting items that require special attention. We have cargo insurance.

Freight transport without restrictions.

In the case of palletized goods transport, if unloading or loading is not provided, no forklift is available, we also have a car with a forklift. We also undertake the delivery and movement of overweight, oversized cargo on site. We work with reliable loaders, moving a large number of pieces of goods is not a problem for us either. If your product does not require unique, special delivery, we can arrange the delivery of your company’s goods to your customers at an economical price in groupage transport.

Many companies have chosen us to transport their products and fairs to fairs and exhibitions. Whether it’s a rural or Budapest event, we are at your disposal.

We offer the following services in addition to freight transportation: Cash on delivery handling, batch delivery of goods, packaging, pallet handling, warehousing, overweight transport of goods, etc. If you are interested in our service, we look forward to hearing from you so that we can give you a unique quote for your delivery tasks.