Quality moving service Budapest

Looking for trusted moving company Budapest located, with references and insurace? We offer quality moving service within Hungary. Contact Us via email, phone or fill the contact form, and We will answer in the shortest time. Use our moving cost calculator below.

We offer the following moving services:

  • Complete house removals
    packing, furniture dis/re assemble and other services
  • Basic moving
    apartmen, small flat or student moving
  • Furniture delivery
    even a small item for one worker or a large sofa for two or more
  • Providing moving boxes
    boxes, wrapping foil or bubble wrap? We have!
  • Heavy equipment moving
    safes, industrial fridges, machines and other heavy stuff

Some reasons, why customers choose Us:

Trusted moving company: working continously more than 15years, all information is visible

Official home delivery of JYSK furnitures since first shop opened in Hungary

Full time working, skilled and polite colleauges

Gps tracking on every vehicle: You can get live information, where is Your property

We work with high capacity and  modern trucks: There is no chance, that we cancel Your arranged moving date

No hidden fees: We work with fix, pre arranged prices.

We have cargo insurance: We take full responsibility for our work

Great experience in moving and furniture delivery: 10+moving/week, 2.000+ furniture delivery /year.

Movers Budapest - Trusted moving company

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baltazar Kristoffersen
baltazar Kristoffersen
Great service , professional and friendly people! They even let me and my cat ride in the front of moving truck 🐾👣 saved me a taxi trip!
Adam Chang
Adam Chang
Efficient and reliable!
János Gonda
János Gonda
Mindent köszönök
Eysa Nemeh
Eysa Nemeh
Here you can find all the help you need with really kind and friendly staff, and professional drivers.
Robert Roman
Robert Roman
Movers did a great job! They were very professional and the cost was a great value.
Nikita Shmatchenko
Nikita Shmatchenko
I sent a form on the site then a manager quickly contacted me via email and we set a date for a moving. The movers were there on time. Everything was done quickly and without any casualties :)

Complete Moving

  • Truck
  • 3 workers
  • Packing
  • Furniture assembly

*1hour base fee counted

Basic Moving

  • Truck
  • 2 workers
  • Packing
  • Furniture assembly

*1hour base fee counted

Man with a van

  • Truck
  • One worker
  • Packing

*1hour base fee counted

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Professional movers Budapest and nearby:

Our staff has many years of professional experience in removals. We can provide a large number of loaders, hence we are able to complete the work in a shorter time. Our modern, reliable trucks have all the equipment needed, moreover cargo space is clean and tidy. In conclusion you can entrust your values to us with a calm heart. If required, we provide packaging material as well as cardboard boxes or platic boxes for long term use to protect your values.  We have cargo insurance.

Some furniture may need to be disassembled for relocation so that they can be moved. In addition  we have qualified carpentry colleagues who disassemble and assemble your furniture in a short time with the right tools, experience. Transporting and moving heavy antique furniture is not a problem for us either.

Tips, when You hire movers

  1. Be ready to the agreed time of Your moving. Because it saves energy and money if you don’t leave the emptying of Your furniture to the last minutes.
  2. Reserve a parking space as close to the entrance as possible. As a result, it also saves time and money if our colleagues finish delivering their furniture and boxes as soon as possible.
  3. If possible, unpack from cabinets and furniture. Put your fragile items in separate boxes, label them, so our moving colleagues will know where to put them at Your new home. Heavy things are smaller, while light things are bigger boxes.
  4. Label. Mark more fragile packages, more crumbling furniture, after that You and Our team will also have easyer to work.

In addition to moving service, we have the following services:

  • Furniture assembly
  • Packing fragile items with wrapping foil or bubble wrap
  • Providing moving boxes, foil etc
  • Connection and mooring of household appliances (washing machine, dryer, dishwasher)
  • Moving heavy, overweight objects (jacuzzi, piano, rows of cabinets, etc.)

We work according to pre-arranged fees, so we have no hidden costs. If necessary, we will conduct a free survey so we can provide a more accurate price for Your moving.

Our moving company Budapest located, therefor We don’t count km. fee within Budapest.