Safe moving

Safe moving, transportation or moving it inside a building is a very complex task. Above all, it requires great expertise and specialized tools. To prevent personal injury or material damage, always have work done by qualified service personnel.

Our company has a history of safe moving to our company for decades. We were established in 1988 as a small cooperative. Until its dissolution, the safes of one of the most well-known Hungarian manufacturers, Toldi iron cooperative, were distributed and shipped to customers. We have transported the safes of many banks, public institutions, jewelers, and individuals over the years. Currently our contracted partner is a number of security companies and cabinet distributors (Wertheim, Burg Wachter, ISS, etc…)

Our safe moving colleagues have outstanding physics and at least 5 years of professional experience in moving heavy objects. In conclusion, during transport, both the safe and your home / office will remain intact. We pay special attention to preserving the integrity of floor coverings and stairs. The path for moving the safes is laid down with wooden boards so there is no trace of the operation. We have special tools for transporting safes on stairs, which also do not damage the surface. We have a tailgate car for the task. For larger weights, we work with a mobile crane if necessary.

We provide the following services in addition to safe moving:

Fixing: It is advisable to fix the safe to the concrete subfloor, in some cases to the wall. At your request, we will do the right thing for Mabis Insurance. In some cases it is not possible to secure the safe. Examples include underfloor heating sockets. In this case, you have to look for another place for the safe. Before fixing a safe, it’s a good idea to look at the characteristics of the building.

Advice: Our security partners will help you to choose the safe cabinet for you and will also install the alarm system that comes with it. If you are unsure about the location, we will help you find the best place for your safe. When installing a heavier cabinet, it is a good idea to consult with a building specialist.

Repair, renovation, sale: Thanks to our contact system we can provide locksmith, mechanic on site. We can help with storage, renovation and sale of the safe.

Discretion: At your request, your box will be packaged in black foil for shipment, so no one will know what you bought when shipped. Our employees have a moral certificate.

We always give you a unique, favorable price. For higher weights, we recommend a personal survey for more floors. © All Rights Reserved.2023