Heavy duty delivery

Heavy machine transport, heavy duty delivery, in-building handling in one of the most complex areas of freight transport. Usually, these devices need to be handled with sensitive equipment when the threshold needs to be tested and thus requires physical exposure. They require expertise in transport, handling, proper equipment and a lot of experience.

One of the main areas of expertise of our company is the transport of overweight, difficult-to-move objects and their movement within the building. Heavy machine transport, safe moving, workshop move upstairs, downstairs. We have decades of experience and all the tools needed for the job. Our specialists form a familiar team, have an outstanding physique and have been working in this field for several years. We have a number of modern trucks to perform various tasks. Be it a tailgate, a crane, a short or long platform or a closed box.

So far, we have delivered a number of medical devices (laboratory machine, industrial refrigerator, centrifuge, testing equipment) to hospitals, surgeries and laboratories. We carried out the relocation of complete workshops, such as carpenters, machine shops and ceramics. We also regularly supply various vending machines and sculptures. Vulnerable coverings and floors are protected from damage with tiles. We have cargo insurance.

Heavy duty delivery, heavy object transport process.

The most important step is the accurate planning of the process, site assessment. In relation to the dimensions and weight of the machine, the size of the doors, the number of steps, the width and the load capacity. Each step of the process must be planned separately. In all cases, it is important to have an accurate knowledge of the subject. In the case of a machine, if available, a technical description. Based on this, it is possible to determine the number of people needed for the job, as well as what equipment the task requires. Loading on a truck is always done with a hoist, forklift or crane.

Heavy machinery delivery tariff.

Each machine delivery is a unique task, so no general pricing can be set for these jobs. The final price is influenced by many factors. These include the weight and dimensions of the machine to be transported and the location where the machine is to be moved. In case of transporting larger machines, a personal survey is essential, which we carry out free of charge in Budapest. For smaller machines, the exact weight of the shipment based on a nameplate or description. As well as a detailed description of the site, site plan, and detailed photos will suffice. We undertake: industrial refrigerators, boilers, fireplaces, kilns, rack cabinets, switch cabinets, lathes, cnc machines, workshop equipment, various vending machines, presses, jacuzzis, garden oven, grills, sculptures, etc. professional transport and handling.

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